Email migration or switching from one email client to other is not a rare occasion anymore. Since email became an unavoidable part of our lives, email clients have been introduced to make email management easy. Consequently, changing the email clients is as popular as sending and receiving an email.

But the email migration industry is not yet developed into a well-known, established industry. This only means that there are many good companies that are still hiding in obscurity. It can get challenging for users to find out what is best for them when changing their email client and what is not.

Here, we have compiled a list of 4 things that you should look out for before going to order any email migration tool. 3 of these points are common for any big purchase.

What is company’s focus on safety and data integrity?

Whenever you decided to transfer your data from one email app to the other, you have to be a little stressed about the safety of your data. Whenever making such shift, it is highly probable that you might lose your data or get it corrupted.

Therefore, the first thing to look for in an efficient email migration tool is whether or not it provides any safety warranty to users. The tool should offer to preserve the items that are highly likely to be the victim of data loss. Such items (data information) are given below. Make sure the website clearly indicates that the tool certainly preserves such data.

  • email attachments,
  • folder hierarchy,
  • metadata,
  • imbedded images inside mail,
  • Nested messages, etc.

What type of services are offered on-site by the company?

It is important to find out where the company’s major focus is. If a startup is selling a mango on a cart and is also selling an iPhone app, we should be suspicious. Make sure that there isn’t an extremely wide variety of products a company is selling.

When it comes to departmental stores, it is fine. However, in software developing, or more specifically in email migration, it is very important to be an “expert in depth” of your department.

Email migration is a complicated process, and thus a highly intricate and custom solutions are needed to build. This is only possible when a company is dedicated to provide the end-user-oriented smart solutions to their needs. And that in turn is being done by a laser sharp focus.

How quickly, if at all, can your issue be resolved?

Customer service is a big and a shiny term these days. Any company, enterprise, or even a startup launches their main service/product after they have a customer service in place already setup and ready to serve. Without an impressive support staff that could liberate the customers from their annoying issues, the company will remain at a mediocre bay.  Customers or end users do not care about the company that much once the software is being purchased. The only way to maintain the relationship is through the support the company provides.

Make sure the migration tool that you are going to purchase from has a full, expert based, quick, and responsive customer service. To ensure this, contact them before purchasing and check them out.

Moreover, email migration is not easy. You would need help at some point, regardless of how much a company claims their product’s ease of use and user-friendliness.

 They offer free trial version.

It is highly important to try the software first. Email migration can be very personal or individual based task. What your email clients have stored and in what way can be entirely different from somebody else’s. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you run a test of the tool that you are going to purchase. This will ensure you that the tool meets your personal needs, is compatible with your system, is not overlapping with any other running programs etc. Once, you are absolutely sure of that, then go ahead and purchase the paid license.

Most of the email migration companies offer a free trial version these days. But there may be still be some that ask to buy their tool directly. What you do? Run the opposite!

There are many tools in the market that would meet this above criteria. However, there is one more criteria that goes without saying. “The cost”. You have to also looking out for an economical tool.

We have done a bit of research into which tool works the best. We receive hundreds of reviews and reactions from our readers who participate in little surveys that we conduct. According to those results, we can proudly recommend products from USL software. They meet all the above 4 major criteria.

They have four email migration products currently:-

  • Mail Extractor Max
  • Mail Extractor Pro
  • OLM Extractor Pro
  • PST Extractor Pro

Go ahead and check them out. Here is the link for their main website –