Here’s how you can move your emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird in the most easiest and accurate way.

Apple Mail, specially Mail 7.0 and Mavericks Mail, have always had few problems with Gmail account and maps. Whether or not Apple fixes these issues soon is not confirmed. If you continue facing these issues, or simply don’t find your Mac Mail that efficient, you can switch to other clients.

One of the best is Mozilla Thunderbird, which is an open project with lots of people working on it. And that it’s free. It offers a lot of flexibility, freedom, and sometimes a few setbacks, but hey, it is free so not much a problem there.

Once you have decided to switch to Thunderbird from Apple Mail, the next issue is adding your email accounts in Thunderbird. It is very simple to add your Gmail, Hotmail, and other accounts. Simply go to Tools Account Settings, click ‘Add Account’, and select the account that you want to add (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), and enter your name and Gmail address and click next.

Depending on your bandwidth of internet connection, it might take few minutes to sync the emails and other types of items from the Online server of your email to the Thunderbird. Thunderbird stores all the content in a folder called the Profile. Whenever you make changes to your emails, it is synced to the server automatically.

To this point, everything flows smoothly and there is nothing in particular that might trouble you. But what happens in some cases is that people may not find there all email folders that were in Apple Mail. This is generally the case for older folders.

The reason why you can’t see them is because they are not in your online server for Gmail, Hotmail, or other accounts. So when you sync your data with the Thunderbird and server, obviously you only get the emails that are stored on server. But you might have been storing some of your data in Apple Mail offline directory, which was deleted from the server by you. Users do that frequently to make space in their servers.

To move that offline data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, you can use a tool called “Mail Extractor Max”. What it does is that it will convert your Apple Mail data to Thunderbird supporting files, and then you can import those files into Thunderbird.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The tool will auto-load your Apple Mail database (which is inside “Mail” folder in your Mac), and load up everything from there. On 2nd step, select the folders that you want to convert. Next, simply choose the option “Thunderbird/postbox emails” in the 3rd step of the tool’s interface, and click ‘Convert’. You will get converted files that you can import into Thunderbird.

The good thing about the tool is that it delivers highly accurate conversion. That means, there will be no loss in data or any kind of modification. Whatever elements – such as attachments, images, nested messages, non-English characters, folder structure, etc. – that was in your Apple Mail will remain same after the conversion to Thunderbird.

Following the above two methods – adding your email account and syncing with the server AND converting Apple Mail data to Thunderbird – you will be able to move your emails successfully and effortlessly.

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The free limited edition of the tool “Mail Extractor Max” can downloaded here.