If you are looking to export Olm to Mac Mail, look no further than “Olm Extractor Pro”, a remarkable software solution for email migration.

“My Outlook 2011 for Mac crashes too frequently, but I still used it for a long time. Now, as I’ve got a new business I need to take care of, I just don’t think I should continue with it. So, I start using Apple Mail, but have no idea how to move all the content from Outlook 2011 to here.”

This is the mail I received very recently. And I instantly remembered that I’ve got way too many emails regarding the same question. But I didn’t care enough to make a post of these questions that I receive.

So finally, I writing a post about it so all of my readers who wants to know the same thing will find some value here.

To come straight to the point, in order to move emails from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, you need to  convert Olm files to Mbox. And the best tool that can help you do that is called “Olm Extractor Pro”.

Export Olm to Mac Mail

It has a very simple interface that anybody can be used, and it performs the data extraction with full accuracy. With that I mean, it can preserve all the elements originally with Olm files, and converts all of them to Mbox without any changes.

The best thing that I have noticed about “Olm Extractor Pro” after trying it so many times that it can keep the data unharmed, unmodified. So many tools can make unwanted modifications in stuff like attachments, images, folder structure, etc. But not “Olm Extractor Pro”. It has the ability to go deep within Olm files and extract every single information thoroughly.

Secondly, it works pretty quickly.

Last week, I was helping out one of my friends who actually had his emails and a lot of other items in Outlook 2011 and it was almost reaching 10GB size. We both were pretty intimidated and thought it might take a whole day. But, we both noticed that the tool actually converted all of it in under an hour. It was very remarkable.

Olm Extractor Pro” also allows you to convert the contacts and calendar data into Vcf and Ics file respectively. The good thing is that it doesn’t need any mental effort from your side. It is completely automatic. The tool detects which folder is email and which folder contacts contacts or other types of times.

Olm Extractor Pro” has numerous other features and attributes making it certainly the best email migration tool for Olm conversions. You are free to save read and unread emails in different folders so they don’t get mixed up. You can select multiple Olm files of any size and convert them all at the same time without any performance issues. It also allows you to blend your contacts into one Vcf file for each folder, and also calendar data into one single ICs file for each folder.

You can try the tool here. The free version lets you try it without any risk. You can download it instantly and convert 10 items from Olm to Mbox for each folder. This trial version has no other restriction than that.

I think I have answered the question asked in the email above to the best of my knowledge. Hope “Olm Extractor Pro” works out for you.