Outlook 2016 recently just launched a new feature – it can now import Pst files too. Pst files were only compatible with Windows Outlook versions until now. But not anymore. So, if you are thinking of moving from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016, you can now easily do it by converting Mbox files to Pst.

An email that I received recently got me thinking – “how can I move from Apple mail to Outlook 2016. Outlook 2016 does have a feature to import Mbox files, but it was disabled. Even by some hook and crook, I managed to turn it on, but there were still some issues to import Mbox files. I was actually relieved to see this feature of importing Mbox file directly into Outlook 2016, but it was quiet a disappointment to see that it didn’t work.”

For all of you who faced the similar situations where Outlook 2016 can’t import Mbox files, the solution is to convert those Mbox files to Pst.

The best converter I’ve found to be most viable and effective is called “Mail Extractor Pro”. You simply have to load the Mbox file and click on “convert”. Within minutes, you will get your Pst files that you can safely import to Outlook 2016.

The another feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” is that it can also read your “Mail” folder. “Mail” folder is the basic identity folder for Apple Mail that stores all your content. So, using this auto-load feature, you don’t even need Mbox files, given that you have Apple mail installed in the computer.

export mbox to pst

Here are few points about “Mail Extractor Pro” –

  • It converts the data accurately. That means, there will be no changes in data during the conversion. Every piece of item will remain exactly the same in Pst files.
  • It supports all languages. So if you frequently send and/or receiver emails in non-English languages, you have nothing to worry about.
  • It preserves folder structure – Most people have a very complex structure of their email folders. This tool will not lose that structure after the conversion.

Easy and Intuitive

The GUI of any software is very important, as important as its primary function. If it is capable of producing high quality results, but the features and interface are not easy to use, the software loses its value.

Luckily, that’s not the case with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

What it makes it different is the cutting-edge technology used in designing its interface. The features and functions are all neatly structured in a single graphical screen of the tool. Everything looks natural. Even if you have no knowledge about email migration, you can simply start using it through the simple instructions given. (export mac mail to pst)

Give it a try. You won’t regret it. The free trial version (download here) lets you convert 10 items from each folder of Mbox file (or “Mail” folder). That’s more than enough to help you make up your mind about it.