Want to know which is the most reliable Mbox to pst converter tool?

Because of the high spike in email-clients usage, email migration has also take an upward curve. Since users are not limited to one or two services/products now, they are free to move.

One such process of email migration is from MBOX to PST. However, it is a serious and challenging process that should not be taken lightly, if you care about your data integrity.

What is MBOX file?

MBOX is a widely accepted file extension for storing messages in an electronic format. An Mbox can be a single file containing zero or more mail messages. All messages in an mbox mailbox are concatenated and stored as plain text in a single file.  More technically speaking, a message encoded in mbox format begins with a From_ line, continues with a series of non-From_ lines, and ends with a blank line.

Mbox was created for UNIX as its main purpose. But Mbox files are still used with many email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, Netscape, Windows live, and apple Mail.

What is PST file?

PST is a personal storage table file format, used by some Microsoft Windows applications, primarily by Outlook. Outlook uses it as a Microsoft’s proprietary storage format for all the data. It has become a very common email file format because of the popularity of Outlook. In spite of this, there are not many trustable tools aiding users to convert the file formats to PST.

Why convert MBOX file to PST format?

MBOX file format is not support by Outlook in Windows. If you want to start using Windows Outlook fresh, that is, without exporting data from anywhere, you do not need to convert MBOX to PST. However, if the important data is stored in another MBOX supporting client, you cannot transfer the files directly from there to Outlook database. To make Outlook recognize the data, you first need to convert MBOX to PST and then export the files to Outlook using the export wizard.

What is the most effective MBOX to PST Converter tool?

A huge majority of users intend to move away from MBOX to PST manually. You can import your MBOX files to windows Outlook without using any automatic software, using the inbuilt features of both email clients. However, the process is very hectic and is only possible if you have knowledge on how to do it properly. That’s not to say it can’t happen. However, if you are not interested in going down such a complex path, I would recommend to instead away from it.

A better, and much wiser way of performing Mbox to PST conversion would be through a professional tool. One such tool that we recommend openly is “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is a complete; one-stop tool can offer all that you can expect from a MBOX to PST Converter tool. It is profuse in its valuable functionality and lacks nowhere in providing a streamline experience.

Choose wisely, whether to do it yourself manually or go with Mail Extractor Pro. Download the trial version here and experience the competency of tool yourself – http://www.uslsoftware.com/apple-mail-to-outlook-converter-for-mac/. Once you are sure it does what you expect, you can choose from the different packages according to your budget and need and start unlocking its true potential.

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