Convert EMLX to PST

EMLX file format is associated with Mac Mail. Each EMLX file store single email along with its attachments, headers, and other contents. Do not confuse this with EML file, which is primarily used by Windows Outlook Express and has become a generic format that is used by many email clients.

These files are saved in the users’ library folder, under ‘Mail’ folder.

To move Mac Mail data to Windows Outlook, you can convert EMLX files to PST using a third party tool. Or, you can archive all of your data into an MBOX file (the archived format used by Mac Mail) and then convert it to PST. And the third choice you have is to use an IMAP email account and its server and sync the data to it, and sync it back from the server to Windows Outlook.

These data migration methods are in common use. The last one (syncing data using IMAP account) is very rarely used because of innumerable complications related to it. The rest of them can be viable depending on the user and which tool you are using. Most of the MBOX or EMLX to PST converters are poorly built.

The freeware is even worse. Many users have reported loss of data, corruption, and countless other issues with free tools.

Keep in mind that converting email data is a complex procedure, and it is unlikely that a free tool will be able to do it correctly. Worse than that, these tools often come from unreliable places. So the chances of risking your machine with viruses and malware is also big. In some extreme cases, the unreliable freeware is also associated with data theft.

No wonder why every email migration expert suggests to stay away from them.

If you are feeling a bit disappointed, here’s the part that will make you feel good.

Amidst inconvenient and below par tools (paid and free) often emerges a practical solution that deals with the job perfectly well. “Mail Extractor Pro” is such a solution, offered by USL Software.

USL Software went to great length to resolve the usual problems of Mac Mail and EMLX to PST conversion. They have introduced the direct method for conversion where the tool auto-loads the data from ‘Mail’ identity folder. MBOX or EMLX files are not necessary.

USL Software also worked a great deal in making the interface natural and intuitive to use. Most conventional tools are anything but.

The step-by-step wizard is well thought and laid out for convenient migration even by non-experienced users. You just need to follow the simple instructions and don’t need to learn anything technical.

The following features will give you more idea about its functionality and potential:

  • Though, the top feature is auto-loading of data from ‘Mail’ identity folder, it also lets you manually load MBOX files from any location. You can load multiple files at the same time.
  • You can unmark the folders you don’t want to convert, or mark the ones you want.
  • You can set the limit for PST files so the tool will split any files larger than that. Oversized PST files can be difficult to import on to Windows Outlook.

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USL Software is well known for providing complete satisfaction. And yet, every tool comes with a free trial version, including “Mail Extractor Pro”. You can download the free trial setup yourself to check it out.