Converting OLM File to Apple Mail using “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL Software. It can convert the data thoroughly. The tool is adept in keep the data items secure, even though they are highly likely to be lost by any other tool, such as:

  • The graphical data embedded within email bodies. The images, the graphs, the logos, or any icons.
  • Email Attachments, especially formats other than docs.
  • Email headers that contain info like Sender and receiver ID, Cc, Bcc, and subject Line.
  • Timestamps and date of an email.
  • Folder hierarchy (the structure or arrangement of your folders).
  • Non-English text within email bodies.

With tools poorly built, converting OLM file to Apple Mail often becomes like translating language, during which much of the text is lost, along with the original meaning.

“OLM Extractor Pro” is the only program that can convert data without any loss.

Non-English Text

Is your native language non-English? Do you communicate often in your language?

Then your email database will be full of characters that are in Unicode standards.

Or, you might be communicating with the international clients or customers or friends via emails.

If so, converting OLM file to Apple mail format with improper methods can fail to convert that non-English content without any corruption. They often turn into broken strings of text, unreadable or completely lost.

To deal with this, USL Software employed multilayered and extensive algorithms that pick up on all Unicode content and convert it safely. All languages, including the ones with double-byte characters, like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Folder Hierarchy

Another thing to worry about email migration is loss of folder hierarchy. As the number of folders grow, it becomes more important to manage them in particular order of folders.

You must have done it too.

Now imagine having all your folder structure messed up. Not a pretty picture, right? And yet, many of the traditional converters that convert OLM files are not capable of converting data with all the folders preserved.

“OLM Extractor Pro” can. To the very last item on your hierarchy, it keeps things safe and ordered.

What else does it offer?

“OLM Extractor Pro” is not your typical software application for converting files. USL Software went a step ahead and turned this application into a full support for moving emails from one client to another.

Converting the format of files is easy, migrating emails across clients is not.

And many tools just convert the files, and ignore that it is only a step in complete email migration.

So here are some features of “OLM Extractor Pro” that stretches its functionality beyond a simple file converter:

  • It can convert contacts to VCF files and calendar data to ICS files
  • It can save read and unread emails in separate folders.
  • It can also merge all contacts from a single folder to a single VCF file, and all calendar data from a single folder to a single ICS file.
  • You can convert only particular folders you want to convert. You can also ignore empty folders.

With all these features, the job of converting OLM File to Apple Mail gets easier. More professional.

Get the free trial version today.

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