The worst part of migrating Apple Mail to PST file is the time it takes. It can be even more serious for users with large databases. The task could hamper the productivity for real.

People have been finding the quick solutions for ages. Many software companies attempted at creating a fast converting tool but never offered a fully-developed solution…until now.

USL Software is deft at handling the complicated issues of email migration. Years of expertise dealing with this circle has made USL one of the only companies capable enough to develop a powerful tool for Apple Mail to PST migration. And they did exactly that.

Mail Extractor Pro” is the Mac application developed to simplify Apple Mail to PST conversion. The tool holds expertly written programs for data extraction, ensuring no loss or corruption or unwanted modification of any kind.

USL Software managed to resolve all these common issues that other software companies failed to.

Here are some of the top features of the tool:

  • Clean interface: the UI is clean and user-friendly with minimal buttons and options, but not limited in any way. It’s always a heavy task to not compromise with features and flexibility, and yet make the interface simple and easy to operate.
  • Auto-loads data: you can choose to auto-load Apple Mail data from the identity ‘Mail’ folder, instead of using manually archived files.
  • Split files: large PST files can be tough to import to Windows Outlook. Now you can set the maximum size for them, and even split them if the size is crossed.
  • 10 times faster than traditional tools and bug-free. Convert data quickly and smoothly without worrying about frequent crashes or any programming bugs hampering the process.
  • The best feature amongst all is – data accuracy and complete conversion. The tool does not leave out any single element, such as, email headers and metadata, attachments, embedded images, and nested messages.
  • Keeps folder hierarchy maintained: folders can get real messed up during migration. Not so much with “Mail Extractor Pro.” USL wrote special algorithms for keeping the folders structure safe.
  • Converting non-English text: Supporting all international languages for conversion is a huge achievement of USL Software developers. All your emails from other non-English countries will be safely converted for Windows Outlook now
  • Support: The UI is simple and friendly. USL Software managed to make one of the most complicated tasks simple. Having said that, if you still encounter a problem or have some query, you can rely upon the always-ready 24×7 customer support team.

migrate apple mail to pst

The free setup can be downloaded with the link given below. If you use it without activation, it will convert ten items from each folder, so you can check out its interface, features, and the overall performance without any risk.

Download it now and get started at