Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion Now Possible Without Low-Precision Tools with Substandard User-Interfaces!

Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion Simplified

Mail Extractor Pro’ has been one of the biggest software projects for USL Software, and they did pure justice to that.

It’s the only tool that works in Mac for converting Gmail MBOX to Outlook. So, it was double hard to create a solution that works perfectly, without any data errors. And they did make it successfully, not only for advanced users, but also for basic home users.

This is truly the de facto software application for moving Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST. And there’s no other tool that even comes close.

Why is it so?

Well, the first reason was stated above: it’s the only Mac compatible tool for this. The rest are all Windows based, which brings its own complications (since MBOX is a Mac Mail file natively).

The other reasons include the full support for non-English text conversion, unequivocally intuitive graphical interface, precise data conversion algorithms for 100% safety of data integrity, flexible features, and much more.

The aspect that USL Software devoted most of the development resources is its graphical interface. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

Gmail MBOX to PST Conversion

Graphical Interface – Systematic Wizard, Minimum Required Manual Inputs, and Functionality

The other conventional Gmail MBOX to PST converters are dubious at best when it comes to user oriented and friendly interfaces. They tend to go to the extreme on both end of scale of functionality and ease of use.

So, majority of tools you’ll find have plenty of weak and unpractical features that make the interface cluttered, overwhelming the users, both beginners and advanced. The second category of tools tend to withdraw much of the useful and mandatory features in order to make the interface look simple and useable by beginners.

Both categories of such Gmail and Outlook PST converters are not fit for use. Email migration can be a very complex task, and thus, nothing less than perfect works.

This is where USL Software secured its position in the market most firmly. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ quickly became the tool that sets the paradigm for the industry, especially with its interface. It’s easy to use, and yet, highly functional. The features are plenty, ensuring a flexible migration that can fit all different kinds of users and their data. This is done with compromising with the intuitive and friendly nature of the interface.

Incredible amount of R&D resources has gone into the evolution of its interface to the point where we see it now in the consumer version.

It’s the specimen of sterling designs, not only with email migration apps, but in general as well.

Two areas that can be explained in words are its wizard and the number of inputs (mandatory): – The wizard is that guides the user systematically. Just follow the steps and the instructions, even if you have got zero knowledge of what email migration is. And the input required to actually convert the tool is just one. The rest of the settings and preferences are optional.

Get it as soon as possible. Gmail MBOX can now be imported to Windows Outlook without getting your hands dirty with half-baked solutions. USL Software has been at the forefront of email migration innovation, and ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ adds another push to that trend.

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