Outlook OLM to Apple Mail conversion made possible with the help of “OLM Extractor Pro.” It is a tool by USL Software, with easy interface for beginners.

The tool can deal with large and small scale migration and for beginners and experts with a precision like that of an atomic clock.

Preserving Data Integrity is the Most Impressive Quality You’d Find With the tool

Losing data integrity is a concern that hasn’t resolved until now. “OLM Extractor Pro” can scan the files in depth, leaving no items unchecked. This helps the tool create a thorough conversion of files, where the following items are also converted successfully:

  • Folder hierarchy: It is how the folders in your database are ordered and structured, and quite a challenge to convert email data while keeping the hierarchy safe.
  • Read and Unread Status of Emails: Many conversion tools can turn all the unread emails to read emails, which can be devastating.
  • Metadata and headers are the information associated with emails such as sender and receiver (to and from), Cc, Bcc, subject line, time and date.
  • Text in non-English: non-English characters are encoded differently than the English ones, and many poorly built tools do not include algorithms to detect and convert them without breaking certain words.
  • Images: users can embed emails into the main content-body of emails. These images are often damaged and not converted to Apple Mail with the same properties and dimensions as original.
  • Attachments: Files attached with the emails separate to the main text-body can be tricky to convert without being detached or entirely lost.

All the items in the list above and the other minute data items associated with the OLM files are converted by “OLM Extractor Pro” safely.

Easy and Friendly while also delivers unique, pro-like features for advanced migration projects!

It is never easy to make a tool that fits the common and everyday purpose, while also delivers in advanced projects successfully. The developers lose the track, either miss many features one may require, or make the interface overcomplicated for the sake of wide-functionality.

That’s not what “OLM Extractor Pro” is.

It is surprisingly simple to use tool with a neat and clear GUI. Anyone, from a complete beginner to an IT expert can use without getting into technicalities.

The GUI by USL Software was developed over a long time to make this a reality.

On the flipside, it can also execute large, batch conversion with an equally precise control and performance. The tool also features some advanced controls, like merging calendar and contacts to VCF and ICS file respectively, and saving read/unread emails in separate folders, full conversion report, filtering folders, ignoring empty folders, multiple file conversion in one batch, and so on.

The inventive design of the GUI and the systematic wizard makes it intuitive for even less experienced users to apply these features when and if needed.

That is what makes “OLM Extractor Pro” the first choice for converting Outlook OLM to Apple Mail.

This is usually a task filled with plenty of hard problems, frequently leading to data loss and other challenges. The brilliant design of “OLM Extractor Pro” manifests into an uneventful but immensely successful and efficient migration of email data.

Try the free demo edition today.

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