Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird

  1. How long have you searched for the perfect email converter to export mac mail to Thunderbird?
  2. Have you been worried about losing your files if you try the manual method?
  3. Do you want to export mac mail to Thunderbird like a pro but have no experience?

If your answer to the questions above was YES, then you should rejoice and read further to know the reason.

Here is how you can safely export mac mail to Thunderbird without any experience.

It is evident that with the growth of technology, our lives have been greatly simplified, and therefore it is natural for us to expect all parts of our life to be as simple as possible. This includes email management.

Emails are the most widely used means of communication and that is why it is surprising that there are very few tools to change the format of our email database despite the vast number of people who use the benefits of this service.

Initially, if you wanted to convert your emails to another format, it was considered a bad idea. And if you had no other choice, you had to go to an expert who would take a lot of time to convert them manually and then too, you would have no assurance of data safety whatsoever.

In order to avoid this inconvenience, mac users expressed a desire to have a tool with which they could export their mac mail emails to Thunderbird format.

Fortunately, third party email converters were introduced very soon and it started a whole new era of converting emails. Users now started converting their emails but due to the huge demand of the newly found email converters, a lot of fake tools found their way into the hands of innocent users. So then it was established that an email user should only employ safe and certified email converters that came from trusted companies.

It was due to this problem that pioneers at USL software decided to make a universal email converter with which all types of mac users would be able to safely export Apple Mail to Thunderbird and other formats without having to risk their email database.

The Mail Extractor Max

The Mail Extractor Max is a professional tool that has been specifically designed in order to help common or inexperienced email users in the conversion of their emails from Mac mail format to Thunderbird. It is a tool that is able to guarantee that you will not lose any of your files during or after conversion.

export mac mail to thunderbird

You can choose the Mail Extractor Max for a variety of reasons.

Since the tool is incredibly easy to use and offers 100% guarantee of no data loss, you can readily choose it without second thought. But if you are still not sure if the Mail Extractor Max is worth it, you can try its free demo version.

Try it before you buy it

You can get the free demo version of the Mail Extractor Max here. With this free version you can export Mac mail to Thunderbird format 10 times for each folder. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and get the full version in a suitable package within your budget.

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Try the Mail Extractor Max tool today and feel the difference.