Thunderbird to PST Conversion

Data export between email clients require too much manual effort. It’s not that Thunderbird export to PST isn’t possible or doable, but even the experts at email migration can be exhausted. The manual approach not only works with a lot of difficult, it can even deliver inaccurate results.

This post is specifically about converting Thunderbird to PST (the data file for Windows Outlook). And about how you can do it without too much trouble. And the hint is: you don’t need to learn anything about data files, identity directories, or any other stuff that requires manual intervention.

The great solution of converting Thunderbird to PST without dabbing manually with the files and the database is to use a user-friendly tool created by USL Software called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

thunderbird to pst conversion

So, what is it exactly about “Mail Extractor Pro” that makes it the best approach for converting Thunderbird to PST.

Let’s talk about that.

  1. First of all, it doesn’t require you to dig deep into folders and find the files containing your emails or other items. The tool auto detects your profile/identity database and extracts data from there. It even lets you choose if you want to convert your backup identity folder.
  2. It even lets you choose manual conversion approach, if for any reason, you need it. Though it’s not recommended.
  3. The tool is built through careful analysis of the Thunderbird database. It doesn’t ignore or leave out anything during the data processing. Whatever elements you have stored, whether small or large, will get picked up and successfully converted into Outlook compatible PST files.
  4. The tool is equipped with dealing with text in any language. This also includes Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. The reason they are being hard to convert is because they are encoded without double-bytes for a single graphical character, but “Mail Extractor Pro” is built with precise algorithms that gives clean and thorough conversion.
  5. If you have folders arranged in a hierarchy (who doesn’t actually), then you don’t need to worry about losing all that. The tool will map the same structure into PST files so it won’t be hard for you to manage your emails in Windows Outlook.
  6. It works with incredibly fast speed. You can convert 1 GB of data in less than 10 minutes. This is due to the fact that it directly targets the identity database instead of archived files. But it also because of the sharp programming and dedicated logic for thunderbird that enables it to bypass certain unnecessary operations, offering much quicker way to convert data.

If you are interested, try the free trial version today. It allows you to check the features without activating the full version and doesn’t restrict you for anything except it converts only ten items per folder.

And then there’s always around the clock support of USL Software that makes the job even easier.

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