If you are here looking to import Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird, you came to the right place. The solution suggested below will make your job much easier. It’s a great Apple Mail to Thunderbird converter that offers all essential features and functionalities for a safe and successful email migration.

But there’s a twist.

Most Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird converters require MBOX files for data conversion. MBOX is a file format to store data in an archived file. You need to manually archive your emails from Mac Mail to MBOX file, load that file to the converter of your choice, and it will start the conversion process.

Mail Extractor Max” brings another, highly efficient, approach to import Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird. It doesn’t need MBOX files for that. As a result, the output Thunderbird files are very accurate and closely matches the original data architecture to Apple Mail. This is all due to the fact that it can autoload the identity/profile folder of Apple Mail. You just have to click on “Auto-Load” and the rest is done by the tool automatically.

import apple mail mailbox to thunderbird

Import Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird

As you can see, this impacts the total time required and ease of use significantly. Archiving data manually to MBOX files can take a lot of time and efforts.

However, more than just speeding up the job, the autoload feature of “Mail Extractor Max” resolves the most concerned issue of many while importing Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird, namely data inaccuracy and integrity loss. Email migration often results in fragmented files, where a lot of original details and items are lost or not converted properly.

Most frequently, the list of items named below are never converted with accuracy with conventional MBOX to Thunderbird converters:

  • The hierarchy of your folders in the mailboxes
  • Text inside emails in languages other than English (trickiest are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean because they are encoded with DBCS, double-byte characters).
  • Embedded images inside the bodies of emails
  • Email attachments, especially files with complex extensions and unknown formats
  • Other embedded objects like excel sheets, Word docs, etc.
  • Metadata and headers containing info like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Time, and Date stamps

Only ‘Mail Extractor Max” can detect all of this data and safely convert all of it into Thunderbird files. All that’s left of you is to import those files to Thunderbird.

The interface of “Mail Extractor Max” is also greatly improved over other traditional interfaces. As a result, you get a simple and straightforward solution to import Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird. There isn’t any need to go through tutorials or have any technical expertise at all. Even if this is the first time you are importing email data, you can still use the tool easily.

NOTE* – “Mail Extractor Max” can also convert Apple Mail data to Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage 2004/2008, and Postbox. It can also convert the data directly to standard MBOX files, RGE, and EML file format. Importing Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird is just one of its functions.

Download at http://www.mailextractormax.com/

Download the free trial setup today to import Apple Mail Mailbox to Thunderbird.

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