Great Solution for Those Who Want to Open OST in Outlook (for Both Mac and Windows’ Variant)!

Want to open OST file in Outlook, either in Windows or Mac? Here’s what you need to know.

When you create a new email account in Windows Outlook, either the Microsoft Exchange or any other email service supporting IMAP, like Gmail, Outlook will create an OST file on your local machine inside the Outlook database. This file stores all the contents of your mail servers and you can access the data using the file in offline mode as well. That’s why OST file is called Offline Storage File.

But, in certain situations, this file doesn’t work the way many users think it can. OST is not your usual data file that you can use for backup, archive, migration, etc. One simple reason is that you cannot import it into Outlook.

Also, when you delete your email account from Windows Outlook, and if the changes in OST hasn’t been synced to the servers, you would be stuck with OST files with no way to open them.

That’s when you need to convert OST to PST in order to import or open OST in Outlook.

There can be other situations as well where OST to PST conversion is a great solution. But what does make this conversion job a real frustrating one is the lack of any efficient third-party converters. Unfortunately, there are no official in-built features or additional programs from Outlook that lets you do that from within; you have to rely upon third-parties.

And, it can get quite frustrating and exhausting trying to find a good OST to PST converter through trial and error. Many of them can even be risky to the safety of your data.

So, now that the introduction is done, let us move on to the primary focus of this article – how to convert OST to PST in order to import data in the form of PST files in Outlook, and which tool will work perfectly.

The good news, converting OST to PST also allows to import data to Mac Outlook, since Mac Outlook also supports PST format.

The answer lies with USL Software’s excellent tool called “OST Extractor Pro.” The tool features all essential functions and sharp algorithms that deliver clean conversion of data between the two file formats.

open ost in outlook

The tool’s specialty lies in its ability to accurately convert the files without missing any component or data items within the files. You will get your folder hierarchy, non-English text characters, and everything else perfectly converted into PST format.

  • Supports conversion in bulk
  • Supports large sized OST files
  • Supports conversion of non-English text too from email bodies
  • Fast data-rate, saving you time
  • Converts metadata and email headers too
  • Backed up by 24×7 customer support

Download to Open OST in Outlook Mac / Outlook Windows

Get it here:

Download the setup and try it out. It’s extremely easy to use through its intuitive UI. No need to go through any tutorials; just launch and get started. You can activate the tool anytime later when you are confident with its conversion results.