Looking for OST recovery tool? Here is the tool that recover and convert your ost data into multiple file formats.

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Most people use emails as their primary method of communication and data sharing, but maintaining the safety of your valuable data while using email services like Windows or MAC Outlook can be tricky. Outlook uses OST files for offline data storage, while the PST file is the personal data storage which is manually used by the email user for a number of functions.

The need for OST recovery and OST to PST conversion arises because the OST file can get corrupted or inaccessible due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are mistakes on the user’s part and some are just accidents. Deleting the email account with which an OST file is registered can make it completely useless because only the original account can access that file. Hardware failure or synchronization errors with servers can damage or corrupt the OST file. Virus or malware attack and abrupt shutdown of Outlook can also damage the OST file. In any case, the only option is to recover the data from the OST file and convert it to PST.

OST Recovery Tool for Mac & Windows

OST Extractor Pro is the professional solution for such a problem. It is a unique and completely reliable OST to PST conversion software, which is capable of digging deep and recovering all the data from damaged OST files and convert it to a PST file. OST Extractor Pro gives the user total guarantee of recovering all of their data without any modifications or damage. It will preserve all emails, attachments, contacts, calendar data, metadata, folder hierarchy, and texts of all major languages including those that use double byte characters like Japanese or Korean.

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OST Extractor Pro has many other useful features which put it ahead of all the other third party conversion softwares. It has a very simple and naturalistic user interface which is suitable for both, experienced and amateur users. It supports OST files of very big size and can even process multiple OST files at the same time. It also supports MIME encrypted emails, password protected OST files, and OST files from all versions of MAC and Windows Outlook.

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OST Extractor Pro is known for very fast OST recovery and conversion speed without any lack in its efficiency. If the converted PST file gets too large for your Outlook and cause it to slow down, OST Extractor Pro allows you to split the PST file into manageable units.

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You can now try the final and most trustworthy OST recovery and OST to PST conversion software for yourself by downloading the demo version of OST Extractor Pro from USL Software website. After you are completely sure of its competence, you can get the full version of OST Extractor Pro to experience seamless conversion without any limitations. The full version will come with lifetime updates which will keep the tool on the level with new technological advances. It will also come with 24*7 customer support from a staff of experts.

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