Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Businesses need a safe and reliable tool for Apple mail to PST Conversion. The task is so tough and intricate that any drawback in the tool can cost companies millions of dollars’ worth database. Thus, it is extremely useful to use a professional tool for this task.

One such tool is Mail Extractor Pro. The tool has everything from a safe and secure conversion mechanism to preservation of folder arrangement. What matter to companies most is that it can convert in bulk, that too very easily and in full speed.

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Know more about the tool :-

Simple to use

When the Apple Mail to PST Converter tool which can execute a very difficult task is itself very difficult, the difficulty of the task compounds. Mail Extractor Pro has been made with this understanding. The tool is very simple and easy to use, and does not demand anything from customers because it is fully automatic. All customers need to do is open the tool and select the task they want to execute with it.

Bulk conversions

Bulk conversions is rare but possible. Mail Extractor Pro is the prime example of the best standard bulk conversion can achieve. It can convert any size of Apple mail database in blazing speed without losing touch with the prime quality of its conversions.

This is very helpful to business owners and corporations. These large organizations have unprecedented size of Apple mail database which cannot be left unconverted. These databases can only be converted with the help of bulk conversion. Without bulk conversion, the process of converting them will be slow and painful. Mail Extractor Pro helps in this task. It converts every size of Apple mail database in prime speed and every companies’ database is converted to PST format easily.

Preservation of folder hierarchy

Folder hierarchy is accurately preserved by Mail Extractor Pro. The tool can easily keep the folder arrangement intact. This service helps customers a lot in the post-conversion phase. The folder arrangement thus preserved needs no help at all and empowers customers too.

Evaluation copy for Apple Mail to PST Conversion

A free demo version has been made available for everyone to know the tool better and grasp its significance. The demo version contains all the features of Mail Extractor Pro and will help you a lot in making an informed decision.

System requirements for downloading Mail Extractor Pro are as follows:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions are required for installation


Standard license comes at $49.

Small Business License – This small business license is being offered at an affordable cost of $199 so that all interested small business owners can easily get help in their conversions. However, the number of uses permitted is 50. You can use as much as you wish and you have unlimited support with free updates.

Enterprise license – Big business owners with 100 users or more with multiple offices can buy this license. This license can be installed on unlimited systems and multiple locations. All features are included in this license and support and updates are totally free for all users. This business license can be bought for $599.

Get the free demo Mail Extractor Pro now at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/.

If you are looking for Apple Mail to PST Conversion tool, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.