Choosing the best from many is not that difficult, especially, if you have an elaborate answer list of the most common doubts that you might experience.Choosing a mail converter is a delicate job as it involves data that is dear to you. Thereby, you must take extra precaution. The following list of FAQs will help you choose the best Apple mail to PST converter-Mail Extractor Pro.

apple mail to pst converter

  1. What does an Apple mail to PST converter do?

The main job of an Apple Mail to PST converter is to convert the Apple mails into a format called as PST. PST is a proprietary format of Microsoft that it uses for saving the Outlook files. For a user who wants to transfer mailing data from Apple mail to PST files has to first convert all the data using an  Apple mail to PST converter.This converter delicately converts the entire mailing data into the required format. Mail Extractor Pro is one such extraordinary tool.

best apple mail to pst converter


  1. How much time does it take to convert Apple mails to PST files?

It entirely depends on what the method of converting is. Most of the inefficient ways make this job tedious but Mail Extractor Pro does this job quite smoothly. It allows bulk conversions which speeds up the process manifold. In addition, it has lightning fast speed of conversion which means that the data gets converted sooner than one can comprehend.


  1. Does it preserve the attachments?

Unlike anything else, this Apple mail to PST converter handles the data intricately. It helps the user in converting the minutest of the details. Along with converting the attachments it also converts metadata, timestamps, read-unread status and every single detail from the original file. It doesn’t leave behind anything.


  1. What is the user-interface like?

The graphical user-interface is extremely user friendly. Most of the process is automated; however, the little involvement of the user that is required is supported by highly interactive GUI. It’s quite natural for even the beginners to understand the page.


  1. Do the files remain secure?

The USP of Mail Extractor Pro is that it produces impeccable results while keeping the data secure. There are no bugs or viruses in this tool and therefore the data remains miles away from any kind of threats.


  1. Is Mail Extractor Pro a reliable tool?

The creators of this magnificent tool are the experts from USL software. The name is highly recognizable in the world of conversion tools. Further, it has been designed specifically for facilitating conversions such as Apple mail to PST files conversion. Thereby, anyone can move forward with using this Apple mail to PST conversion without giving it a second thought.


  1. How can one get Mail Extractor Pro?

Anyone who wants to use Mail Extractor Pro-an extraordinary Apple mail to PST converter has two options to materialise on. One is to download full version which comes with free lifetime updates. Another option is to download a free trial version. The links for both the versions can be found here –