OST to PST export tools are the tools that are designed to read, treat, and transform the OST files into the PST files. These are developed with the intent of creating the carbon copies of the database and with the recent progressions in the field, the creators such as USL software have been able to make these tools user-friendly too.

OST to PST Conversion Simple and Easy Way

OST to PST Export Tool

OST Extractor Pro is the creation of USL software and this OST to PST export tool happens to be a hot choice amongst the users for its user-friendly semblance. The many advantages of choosing this tool for the job of OST to PST export have been discussed in brief hereunder:

  • With the application of this OST to PST conversion tool, the chances of failing the job are zero and it also offers greater precision and accuracy in the job too
  • It can be programmed as per the user requirements. That is to say, there are many customization options that help in transforming the data files as per the preferences of the individual using the tool
  • This tool is quite adaptable to changes and thereby it is able to accept OST files from multiple sources. Some of these are Outlook versions from 1997 to 2019, Office 365 Outlook subscriptions, etc
  • This OST to PST export tool has an automated structure and thus it takes over most part of the job itself. The users are required to put their input through a few clicks based on simple choices
  • The tool has specific algorithms to help it identify the items contained on the files. This way, it is able to rebuild the files precisely without leaving anything behind
  • The tool is safe for use as it has no bugs in the system
  • It has an interactive user interface that remains comprehensible for everyone. There are no technical jargons involved so as to baffle the users
  • The greatest advantage of using this OST to PST export tool is that it provides 100 % replicas of the data files in just under a few minutes time

The list can be extended even further but what is more important than that is to understand that the tool has a perfect combination of characteristics that are required for the job. As such, this OST to PST export tool is the absolute answer to the OST to PST export issue.

ost to pst export tool

A free trial version of this OST to PST export tool is just one click away!

OST Extractor Pro is a Microsoft OST to PST converter software that can also be downloaded without making any payment upfront. The free demo trial version is open to the public for testing its features that have been mentioned here above. Once the users become content with the capabilities of the tool, the demo version can be upgraded to the full version so as to include unlimited conversion of files as opposed to the restricted conversions in this version.