The question of finding the best way to carry out Thunderbird to PST Migration has been lingering on the internet for a long time now. All the answers to this question up till now didn’t had a leg to stand on. They all proved to be hoax. Whatever the promises they made; they didn’t live up to it. But now there is one converter tool in the market, that sets the example for others It is by far the best solution for carrying out your conversion process. Read on to find out what this solution is and what it provides to you.

Thunderbird to PST Migration and the best way to carry it out

Thunderbird to PST Migration involves technical conversion of the entire email database files and restoration to PST files. The formats used by Thunderbird and Windows Outlook to store their respective data are completely different. Therefore, the amount of caution and technical ability required to carry out this process is very high.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way present to carry out this conversion process. Therefore, you need to take the routes that goes through third-party conversion solutions. Modern third-party converter tools are the best thing to happen to Thunderbird to PST migration.

They are the solutions backed by modern technological advancements. They help you in getting over the modern problems of data complexity and size without any complications. Your job with them is to find out the right one for your conversion process.

Choosing the right tool in a sea of options

The number of options present in the market can be overwhelming. Seeing these many options at your service, you can easily have doubts about whether what you are choosing is right or not. The safest way of choosing the right converter tool is following what experts recommend.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the first choice of top experts from around the globe. The combination of features that this tool has outmatches ever other in the market. They are everything that you need and then some more. These features include things like:

Thunderbird to PST migration

You can also try it for MBOX, EML, Postbox and Apple Mail to PST conversion.

Intelligent Interface:

The Interface of the tool is very intelligently designed. It has a very minimalistic design. With only the necessities on display, it makes it easier for all kinds of users to carry out their Thunderbird to PST Migration.

Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact:

The tool retains the folder hierarchy of the input files during the conversion process. Unlike other converter tools, this one doesn’t mess up the folder structure of the input files. This feature gives you a familiar environment to work with post the conversion process and makes it easy to carry out post conversion operations.

Ignores Empty Folders:

The tool does a very intelligent thing by ignoring the empty folder present in the input email database files. This makes the conversion process faster and cleaner. It also helps you in converting only the necessary things and avoid the rest.

Download the free trial version of the tool to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 and get a closer look at all the features of the tool.