Mail conversion has been a thorn in sight of every email user for a long time. Email being one of the prominent way of transferring data, so its conversion becomes a mandatory process. But the technicalities involved in the process make it impossible to perform without any professional help.


There are a lot of third party converter out in the market. But OLM Extractor Pro is the most sought-after OLM to Apple Mail Converter. OLM and Apple Mail are two of the leading email providers ibn the world. OLM is the extension of the Mac Outlook format. To use this data outside mac outlook it needs to be converted into the client file format as per need.

And OLM Extractor Pro is “the” OLM to Apple Mail converter to go for the email conversion process.

Mail Conversion

The tool is the perfect choice to go for the conversion process. This product from USL Software was designed to provide you with complete and utter control over the conversion process. From being able to select the output format of your choice to a flawless conversion process, the tool does it all.

This OLM to Apple Mail converter not only allows you to convert your OLM file into Apple Mail but into Thunderbird, Postbox and olm to mbox etc. This provides you the choice of selecting the format of your output file.

These many options allow you to migrate between different file formats as per choice and need. It also comes in very handy when you manage more than one account.

The tool provides you complete security over the conversion process. It rectifies the mistakes of past OLM to Apple Mail converters that may have caused any damage to your input data. But not OLM Extractor Pro.

The tool provides features like conversion of Unicode content to maintain the safety of your data. Unicode data is the non-English part of your input files data. Since its encoding is a bit different therefore, its conversion is a bit tricky.

OLM converter converts your Unicode data and provide a completely secure and safe conversion process.

The tool cuts down on the time taken by your usual OLM to Mac Mail converter. The tool applies the approach of bulk conversion to cut down on the time taken for the conversion process.

The bulk conversion process allows you to select all the files that you want to convert. And then in a single go the tool converts all of them. This process reduces the time you waste in going through the files that you want to convert one by one.

The exceptional accuracy and precision of the tool is not compromised during the bulk conversion process.

All this can be controlled with the help of an intelligently designed interface. The interface provides you dialog boxes and wizards that act as your guide to get through with the conversion process easily. With a free to download trial version to try out the tool before moving on to the premium version really makes the tool the best OLM to Apple Mail converter out there.