I’ve been wondering about email migration these days. My company just moved from Mac to Windows, and with that transition, they also had to move all the emails from Apple Mail to Windows. So I was trying to find a good solution where people can transfer their emails easily, like the professionals, with without the added cost.

But then, I received an email yesterday. It said –

Hi, I recently moved to Mac from Windows. I am looking to transfer all the contents from Outlook to Mac Mail. I know I can convert Pst files to Mbox files, but I just don’t know which tool to use. Can you recommend me something?

So that shifted my focus to Outlook to Mac Mail migration, instead of the other way around.

After looking around and trying few solutions myself, here’s what I found.

It is big mess out there. If you are finding Pst to Mbox converters on internet, you are going to be frustrated a lot. There are just so many. There are even manual conversion methods like creating an IMAP account and syncing your emails using internet from the servers. And the converters that allows us to convert the file formats (pst to Mbox) are hard to find.

Here’s what such a tool should have –

  • Complete migration (including images, folder structure, email properties, nested messages, non-English content, etc.)
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Fast conversion

But lucky for you, I ended up with just the perfect tool we all need in order to convert Outlook emails to Mac Mail.

The name is “Pst Extractor Pro” and it has all the features I stated above. It is easy to use, it is quick, and the conversions using this tool is incredibly accurate and thorough. You won’t miss even a single bit of data.

Furthermore, it also has additional output formats. That means, it can also help you  –

  1. Convert Outlook Pst to Entourage 2004/2008
  2. Convert Outlook Pst to Apple Mail (Mbox)
  3. Convert Outlook Pst to Thunderbird
  4. Convert Outlook Pst to Postbox
  5. Convert Outlook Pst to Rge
  6. Convert Outlook Pst to Eml

Basically, “Pst Extractor Pro” is a complete Pst migration solution. If you ever need to transfer the emails from your Windows Outlook to any Mac email client, you don’t need any other tool.

There are also few other features that are rare to find anywhere else. These features truly make “Pst Extractor Pro” a priceless tool.

  • Support non-English content
  • Maintain the folder hierarchy after the conversion
  • It allows you to choose to save read/unread emails in separate folders
  • Convert contacts to Vcf file, and let you choose to merge all contacts from one folder to a single Vcf file
  • Convert Calendar entries to Ics file, and let you choose to merge all entries from one folder to a single Ics file.
  • It allows to split Mbox file into two parts after it crosses the size limit that you can manually specify. The recommend size is always 400 Mb. If during Pst to Mbox Mac conversion, the Mbox file crosses 400 Mb limit, it will be split into two parts.

In my test and trials, I think “Pst Extractor Pro” is a very impressive software that has finally given the solution we all needed. You can easily use it to convert your emails from Outlook to Mac Mail. Download the free edition Click here.